What I Am

I’m Stef. I make shit. Pen and ink illustrations. Watercolor swooshy swoosh. Acrylic paintings of animals and things. Paper jewelry. I build stuff. I always have paint on me. I like to make messes. And food. I love food. I like weird things. Absurdities. Sarcasm. And food.

I’m mostly self-taught in all the visual arts. I have a degree in English. I did a brief semester of art school, but other than that, I just study and practice and slowly make progress.

I don’t have a solid style locked down. I do a lot of cartoony stuff. But I also like to paint abstract, or still life to keep from getting bored or overwhelmed.

I live in the Massachusetts Berkshires with my partner of 12 years and our dog, Indy.

I work a day job in food. Currently in chocolate, but spent the last 6 years in cheese.

Mostly all my art is available for sale in some form, whether original or print. I make a lot of stuff, so if you ever like anything and want to see if I have anything else like it, just ask; I probably do. 🙂

Stefanie D’Angelo Makes Art

Berkshires, Massachusetts

Please use my contact form for electronic communications.