What I Am

I’m Stef. This is my website. I made it. And everything on it.

I’m an artist, illustrator, maker of things, President of Snacks, builder of things, curious, cynical, questioner of everything.

I draw toons, and write words, and practice art like a motherfucker. I also can’t communicate without swearing. Not sorry.

I live with my partner and our dog. We fix up our house, and I try to grow some food, and teach my dog to hand me socks from the laundry basket. I love self-sufficiency, sustainability, being a conscious consumer, and learning. Gosh, I love learning.

I believe in climate change. BLACK LIVES MATTER. I can’t support police until they stop shooting and killing black people. I support LGBTQ rights. If you work with an organization that works to promote environmentalism, anti-racism, inclusivity, and just, you know, basic human fucking rights, please reach out. I would love to help your organization in any way I can.

Stefanie D’Angelo Makes Art

Berkshires, Massachusetts

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