I like to utilize month-long projects to explore skills or mediums I would like to be better at. For the month of September, I’ll be exploring zines!

Zines are a fun way to put some shit together. They can be stories, a collection of ideas, or subject matter, a random hodgepodge of brain garbage. There aren’t really any rules.

Zines have a long history as a publication method. The are uniquely popular for their ease of distribution and independent publication potential. The folded method I’ll show you here is easily photocopied and folded up for quick replicability.

For my project, I’ll be doing adorably small zines. Folded, these zines measure 2 x 2.5 inches.

You will need:
bone folder

Paper. Scissors. Bone folder optional.

I start with these 6 x 9 “index cards”. Calling these index cards is generous. They are flimsy AF. I’ve seen construction paper with more rigidity than these “cards”. For mini zines, though, they are really perfect. This method works with any size paper to create an 8-page (including front and back cover) zine. Just keep in mind that varying paper dimensions will give you varying finished folded dimensions. I encourage you to experiment with different sizes of paper to see what sizes you like working on.

For these lil’ minis, I start by folding the 6 x 9 inch paper in half length-wise. Hot dog, for those of you who remember that from elementary school. Give the fold a good crease. I use a bone folder. You can use whatever you have that can smush down a crease. The fingernail is a popular method.

Hot dog fold.

After you give it a crisp crease, open it back up.

Open sesame.

Next, fold the paper in half width-wise. Hamburger, for the food learners. Crease. Open the fold.

Hamberder fold.

Next, fold your width-wise halves in half. Bring each side to the middle, and crease along the fold. You will have 8 equal sections.

Fold outer edges to the middle.
Both sides.
8 little sections.

Now, fold along the middle width-wise fold (HAMBURGER), and cut across the middle fold line through ONE section. Look at the pics.

Hamberder again!
Snip across the folded edge along the middle fold.
ONE section only!

Open up your fold.

Should look like a mouth. If you cut the wrong side, you’ll end up with flaps on the ends.
If you have flaps, start over.

Fold again length-wise (HOT DOG), pinch the ends, and push the two ends toward each other to pop out the middle.

Back to the hot dog fold.
Meet in the middle.

Check the pics for the final fold, as it is hard to explain what happens next, but all the sections pretty much fold into place. I give the final fold a crisp crease and I try not to obsess over the edges not lining up because it’s just a fuckin’ zine.

Snug it up.
Fold it up.
More crease!

TADA! A tiny zine!

You did it!

Now fill that fucker with weird shit.

If you want to make copies, open it up, scan it, print it, and fold up your printed copies!

I’d love to see what you make in these zines, so tag me on Instagram! @stefaniedangelo

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